What Kinds of Diseases Do Ticks Carry?

You probably already know how annoying ticks in your yard can be. You just want to spend some time out in your yard, whether you’re trying to get some yard work done or just relax out in the sunlight, but you may have those pesky ticks messing with you.

Not only are ticks some of the most annoying critters that could possibly show up to nest in your yard, but they also carry several diseases around with them that you don’t want any part of. To fully understand the danger that could be posed to you, your family, and your pets, you should make sure you know what some of the diseases transmitted by ticks are.

If your yard is being overrun by these pests, you should consider getting in touch with your tick prevention windsor professionals as soon as possible so you can have them removed from your yard.

The Hazards Posed By Ticks

To help you better understand some of the hazards that ticks can pose to you, here is information on some of the known diseases transmitted by ticks in the wild:

·    Lyme disease: Lyme disease is the most common illness reported from ticks in the United States. It is a bacterial infection that can cause serious issues for humans or animals that may catch it.

·    Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, also known as “RMSF,” is reported much more rarely these days, but it is still out there. RMSF is often transmitted to humans by American dog ticks.

·    Tularemia: This is an infection that can become serious, and can be transferred not only through ticks, but also through animals that have become infected with it, or through biting flies. This condition is becoming rarer in reporting, but is also still known to be out there.

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You should always be weary of ticks in your yard so you can miss out on catching some of these tickborne illnesses. When you spot ticks in your yard, you should work to eliminate them as soon as possible so you won’t have to worry about facing some of these potential illnesses.